Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My secret motivator is the spirit and light which shows me the way to drum,Which is drum for life.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Unity Drum is a Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) which was formed late in 2007 when it was first known as the Peace Academy Drumming and Dancing Group. The founder, Emmanuel Richardson started this group in his second year of senior secondary school. However after only four months the group was on the verge of collapse due to financial constraints for the purchase of drums and other equipment.

Despite these initial set-backs Emmanuel kept his vision alive, continuing to walk the path he felt was laid before him. In August 2008, he got to know Joy Tang, the founder and CEO of One Village Foundation who restored his faith in himself and his vocation. She supported him in spirit to re-establishing his group now as a One Village Initiative. Having taken her on as his spiritual mother, and because she had a drumming group in Taiwan called Unity Drum, he decided to call his One Village Initiative Unity Drum (Ghana) for he believe that from unity we all together can find success. Since the name was changed to UNITY DRUM, many people have found new strength and inspiration for their lives through the drumming, dancing, drama, singing, etc.

As Unity Drum grew, it came not only to welcome adults and young people, supporting them in being re-energized through immersion in their traditional cultural practices, but needy young children were also welcomed not only for drumming/dancing but also being taught traditional arts and crafts.(batik, tie and dye, paintings, beads). Unity Drum not only energizes and reawakens a CAN DO attitude in young people, but gives needy children tools for being able to earn an income for themselves and their families.

UNITY DRUM, is a spiritual drumming, dancing and singing group open to all without any religious, political and country affiliations.

The group performs and shares different traditional dances and rythme of Africa.The group is capable of performing at any time that is called upon. Some of the dances are tora, bawa, Djembe dances from all Africa continent. For precaution or free form we say we are the master of all.


1.To wake-up the spirit of drumming, dancing, drama and singing which count great part in our total life as culture.

2.To offer art training to people who are willingly to learn and orphans or needy children.

3. Liaise with Voluntary organization for volunteering programs as well as culture exchange.

4. To bring back to life our culture inheritance, and also to develop the CAN DO spirit of people through drumming and dancing.


The group is self-funded, so despite our 28 adult members and our 20+ needy children, we are quite limited in what we can achieve. We need financial support for:

1.building the group to grow to meet the new generation the neeedy children to enjoy right of education with technological mean.
3.provision of health care to the needy children.
4.purchase of equipment, tools and materials to be used in teaching the children.